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College Newspapers

As I’m looking into our group project about college newspapers and specifically how they are making money its quite interesting to find how successful most college newspapers are. Like we discussed in class about the Exponent's strong print readership, it seems to be the case across most campuses. With so many newspapers going out of print how are college newspapers still doing so strong? I found this blog article from Poynter Online to somewhat answer that question. Also I found this article from PBS. org that talks about what college newspapers are struggling with online and in advertising.

One thing that is common for most college newspapers is the struggle to get students to read and look at the online version of the paper. Notre Dame’s Observer offers a link and email for people to comment on making improvements to its online version. Maybe the Exponent could use something like this to help improve its website.

Hooray my last VJ piece! My goodness this semester has flown by! I decided to do a newstory on the Purdue Bands fall performance that took place Nov. 21 at the Long Center. One thing that I really struggled with was the lighting at the concert. My iris was fully open but I could not get it bright enough, so its unfortunate that my video is sort of dark but I tried to compensate with some great audio. I decided to use some natural sound under my voiceover, which I think turned out nicely.

Overall I have really enjoyed working on these media projects. For me, it is much easier to tell a story and be creative through visual work more so than writing. I’m glad that I have been able to express myself through these projects a bit more than I was able to with blogging.

This is my nature montage from the Celery Bogs in West Lafayette. I shot this a couple weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon. It is a really nice area for outdoor activities for children and adults to go walking, biking, running, etc. I was sort of surprised how many people were out and about when I was there and one couple even managed to follow me into the woods to see what I was up to.

Here is a new version of my photo gallery. The captions are now more visible and hold longer.

I tossed around a lot of ideas on what to do for my photo gallery. I wanted to do something fun and challenging and then remembered being handed a flyer in Stewart Center for the Diwali show. So long story short I paid ten dollars to complete this assignment and sat through a three hour show. :) But I didn’t just do it for class, I was definitely curious about what a Diwali show was like and can honestly say it was an interesting experience. I am not that knowledgeable in photography, so I’m sure my pictures are sub-par but hopefully it shows what the performances were like.

Also, a little background on Diwali. Diwali is a religious and cultural holiday celebrated amongst Hindus, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. The festival is believed to signify the transition from the darkness of ignorance unto the light of wisdom. The Diwali cultural show at Purdue was put on by Beta Chi Theta.

Midterm Election

I did manage to vote today after waiting about 45 minutes at the PMU. I am now seeing some of the results come in on the news and I find the easiest and most clear way for me to find out results in Indiana is to watch the Indy news stations like 6News and WTHR. For national results I’m watching CNN. Watching the results on television is a lot easier for me since all I have to do is watch the bottom of the screen whereas trying to find results online takes a little more effort.

The easiest site for me to navigate online is Real Clear Politics. It has the House, Senate, and Governor races all on one page and almost anything you are looking for can be easily found. I also like ABC News for its simplistic and approachable ways to finding out results. The New York Times has a nice photo gallery to go along with its election updates.

As I’m starting to look through college websites for election coverage I’m not really finding anything that gives up-to-date coverage other than twitter feeds….more to come on this in a bit.

Here is my second VJ piece on a Purdue ritual, the Boiler Bridge Walk. Although the bridge walk only began this season I thought it captured a great sense of Purdue pride and I hope it continues in the future.

I had a lot of fun shooting this and putting it together.I filmed Friday of Homecoming weekend and invited my dad to come shoot with me. He has been mentioning to me all semester about going to see the Purdue football team walk across the bridge and it worked out perfectly that we could both go together. My dad is a Purdue alumni and avid sports fan so this was right up his alley, and I think he enjoyed seeing me at work. It doesn’t really feel like work or an assignment when you enjoy what your doing and in this case that’s how I felt. Yes that probably sounds a little cheesy but I’m realizing that as my undergrad years are winding down here at Purdue, little moments like these are special and being able to capture them with multimedia is great. It’s all making sense Maura! :)

My third C-SPAN video is of the White House dinner security breach. Remember the White House State Dinner crashers? It would be hard to forget Michaele and Tareq Salahi and the incredible media stunt they pulled putting our own President at risk. I picked this because I have been watching the Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo, yes I am guilty, and find the Salahis a real train wreck to watch. The Salahis decision to use the Fifth Amendment’s right against self-incrimination makes this all the more frustrating as they refuse to answer any of the dying questions so many of us wanted to know.

Here is my RSC piece on the Purdue fencing club.I used a Panasonic hd camera and edited using Final Cut Pro. Last semester I was in COM 409, which is Purdue’s student run news program FastTrack  and from this class I developed a knack for creating short and to the point news pieces.

Tyler Clementi Thoughts…

My roommate informed me of the suicide at Rutgers Friday afternoon before I read anything on the internet or read the blog entries. I was shocked and saddened at how something like this could happen. How far will people go? Our privacy is now so easily captured and spread around like viruses. It use to be just by word of mouth and now our private lives are made everyone’s business through webcams, twitter, facebook, blogs, texts, and so on. Do people really need a lesson in what is morally right?

It seems that new media gives people the freedom to spread malicious and hurtful things that we now know can affect people in the most destructive way. All I can say is that if we know people that do this type of thing tell them to stop and send them this story.

Weekly Thoughts

Just got back from shooting my footage for the RSC piece. I love being behind the camera and watching a story unfold from my point of view. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Tomorrow we start talking about editing which I find to be quite challenging because it can seem quite tedious and time consuming. There are so many ways you can continue to rework and tweek a video that you almost never feel satisfied but it is always great to see the finished product in front of you.

The past couple classes have been quite interesting. I loved our skype chat with Yuri. I think it is always reassuring to see a young Purdue grad out in the work force doing something really exciting and fresh. Not having to be under your bosses thumb and being free to explore and implement new strategies is what I think we all would love to have in a job. Our discussion with Brian Lamb, although short, was also inspiring. I loved his comment about how with our generation anything we think possible can be done. Its nice to have these discussions and probe our thoughts into what the future might hold.

In my next blog I plan to cover the readings from class regarding online commenting.

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